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I'm a Jazz teacher in Seattle, WA.


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Suggested Reading

  • Jazz Biographies

    I've always loved reading jazz biographies and autobiographies, so I've decided to list some of my favorites here. For the most part, these are all a part of my personal library.

  • Composing and Arranging

    The classic texts of jazz arranging, from the likes of Sammy Nestico, Don Sebesky, and Bob Brookmeyer, to name a few. I highly recommend owning at least one of these books -- having at least one resource like these can be very helpful as a reference.

  • Jazz History

    Again, I've always been a fan of learning about jazz through it's history, so here are some of the many jazzy history books in my library. From books focusing on specific time periods or styles to general jazz chronologies, you'd be hard pressed to find better resources than these when it comes to learning the history of this music.

  • Performance and Theory

    If you are learning to play jazz, or even if you are well on your way, there are mountains of great information about there about how and what to play. I've investigated hundreds of methods over the years, both as a student and as a teacher, and included in this list are some of my favorite books related to improvisation, from the classic Charlie Parker Omnibook to the more abstract Free Play by Stephen Nachmanovitch.